Hitman: Sniper

Client: Square Enix Montréal

Category: All Projects, Music

Hitman: Sniper, is a highly competitive sniper/assassination game set in Montenegro. You take on the role of Agent 47 and face multiple scenario-driven contracts on one hugely varied, evolving map that contains many targets and assignments. Each of them designed to be replayed, not only to finesse your approach, but to achieve the perfect score on the leaderboards.

The challenge for Pixel Audio was to create musical themes that was as strong as what you would expect from a T.V. series opening credit and consistent with the already well established Hitman universe. Hitman: Sniper has a very polished visual style and it was important to us that the music match perfectly: tt is cinematic, melodramatic and contemporary.

Hitman: Sniper is available now on the App Store and Google Play.