All Stars

Sure, we have our share of awards, countless nominations and a few solid magazine features, but our roots are in live music. The jamming, gigging, touring kind that creates bands, makes and breaks friendships, and tests how far you’re willing to pursue what ignites your soul. That live band connection is what Pixel Audio grew out of – our original bandmates have been together for over a decade – way longer than most! It’s this rare and lasting dynamic that keeps us in-sync with each other and totally in-tune with our partners.


Ulric Corbeil Trudel

Studio Director | Lead Sound Designer

As the Band Leader and catalyst for Pixel Audio’s formation, Ulric has expertly worn every hat possible in the industry: composer, project manager, sound designer and lead audio. Ulric has touched practically every project that’s come out of Pixel Audio since its inception. His inimitable melodic talent and uncanny ability to navigate vastly different worlds of sound with natural ease is a big reason why we’re bigger than ever today. Ulric guides Pixel’s long-term vision strategy the same way he refines his audio skills – through teamwork, iteration-based creation, and abiding by the company motto he helped write: collaborate, explore, create, play.

Eric Shaw

Audio Lead | Lead Composer

Eric made his first movie soundtrack in 1998 and hasn’t looked back since. While studying music and cinema in college and university, he played keys for a slew of Montreal rock bands, which led to composing music for dozens of artist albums, and eventually theatre productions, video game, movie and web soundtracks as lead audio. The awards and recognition Eric has garnered throughout his career are the most apt reflection of excellence driven by genuine passion.

Mathieu Beaudet

Lead Composer | Post-Production Supervisor

Mathieu’s exceptional skill and reputation for musical arrangement and direction he owes to countless years playing and composing for experimental orchestras, jazz bands and even a few barbershop quartets on Montreal’s highly eclectic music scene. He’s been creating music on computers since the mid-90’s, allying technology and tradition in ways that push all the boundaries. The last twenty years saw him composing music for a multitude of projects spanning film, TV, theatre, and of course – video games.

Sean Gauthier Neilson

Business Development | Management

Sean is that guy at the back of the room taking it all in, who then meets you backstage with a plan to blow you up. Sean rocks Pixel Audio’s management, marketing, and business development. While the other guys are geeking out in the studio, Sean’s pulling the contracts, creating new opportunities, and cementing the strategic partnerships necessary to keep this show on the road.

Isabelle Beaulieu

Sound Designer | Voice Post-production Manager

Isabelle brought her genius to the Pixel team in 2018. Creative to the core with a musical background, she studied Film Animation in university, where her passion for sound design was born. Yet it’s probably Isabelle’s fearlessness where it comes to technology, single-handedly building systems from scratch with software like Wwise, unreal, and unity for key Pixel projects that have cemented her position within the company.

William Sylvain

Technical Sound Designer

William’s career in music and digital audio has led him to participate on iconic projects, collaborating with renowned artists across the world. He holds a master’s degree in sound recording, demonstrating his commitment to excellence. A versatile professional, William excels in implementation, technical support and audio design. What sets him apart is his genuine passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge. Whether you need technical assistance or a good laugh, William is the person to call.

Théo Cucci

Junior Technical Sound Designer

Théo is a creative mind who is passionate about the world of video game design. He spent a few years composing music in France before coming to Montreal to study Audio design and integration. He is a calm and rigorous guy who pays attention to details and pushes himself to do better every time he works on a project. These qualities, coupled with his love of audio and video games, make him a perfect addition to our team.

Rasoul Morteza

Junior Sound Designer | Composer

Self-taught and creative, Rasoul’s unique journey led him to Pixel Audio. His diverse educational background includes studies in music and sound design for film and video games, as well as research in 3D audio (ambisonics) and its potential applications in the compositional phase of music writing. Prior to that, he studied physics and acoustics and built a professional career as a specialist in acoustics and vibrations. Finally, Rasoul is an avid fan of RTS games, citing Rome: Total War as his favorite game of all time and a model for gameplay design and audio work.

Charles-André Gaudreau

Casting & Voice Director | Voice Producer

Charles-André is a seasoned and certified professional actor and theatre director with over 15 years in the business, working non-stop since he graduated. He’s been the voice for household brand names across Quebec, as well as characters from video games like Assassin’s Creed. Who better to manage our voice actors and direct recordings? When our client’s characters start to feel like real people, it’s thanks to Charles-André.


Sound Designer

Pierre-Hugues, fondly known as Peach, is a passionate sound enthusiast with a career driven by creativity and sonic freedom. At work, he adds humor and a relentless quest for knowledge and growth. With extensive experience in post-production across various media, from cartoons to films, documentaries, immersive sound, and 3D binaural, Peach’s numerous international awards attest to his expertise and achievements.

François Lafleur

Senior Audio Director

Combine passion, creativity, dedication, and a whole lot of energy, and you’ll discover François. With a wealth of experience and an impressive list of titles to his name, he’s a seasoned veteran in the field. Notable among his contributions are iconic projects like SSX, Need for Speed, Skate, Coco VR, and Paper Birds, each holding a special place in his heart. François consistently infuses his unique personal touch into every project, offering expertise and an intuitive audio flair that sets a high standard for quality and inspiration.

Arnaud Hug

Sound Designer | Composer

Looking for someone to create a new sonic universe or mix an existing one? Arnaud is definitely the man for the job! His studies in sound design and sound engineering, as well as his extensive experience in mixing and composing music for commercials and international films, have given him a solid base of knowledge. This understanding of TV and film post-production brings a unique artistic vision that perfectly complements his love for the video game industry, making him an unparalleled collaborator.


Where the Magic Happens

Encased in pine and downright spa-like, the Pixel Audio studio feels more cottage up north than downtown underground. The effect is an instant ease in all who come through. This disarming vibe that innocently diffuses inhibitions while coaxing creativity is often the experience clients refer to the most when praising Pixel Audio.


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