Our experience editing original music runs deep. What’s more, we offer modular delivery for any piece created by our in-house composers, ready for implementation in any game engine.

The meaning of audio editing

Audio editing, or music editing, is part of a project’s post-production. It is the process of altering the recorded sound in order to create the desired effect for any kind of digital audio project. This can be done for many reasons, including improving recording quality or changing the length or pitch of a particular audio clip. Audio editors can also be used to remove background noise and unwanted sounds from a recording, improve clarity and volume, and correct recording errors. Audio editors work with tracks using one of many editing software programs. Audio editing projects can be both small and big, for a musician looking to fine-tune tracks or someone editing a podcast episode or the audio portion of a video production. An audio file can be simple with one track, or more complex with multiple tracks being processed. Audio editing services are also used for movies, video games, video editing, audiobooks, voice-overs, or audio content for social media, among other things. Overall, professional audio editing helps make your audio more engaging, sets the mood for audiences, and provides a sense of continuity and flow in digital audio content.

What is the difference between audio editing and sound design?

While sound designers focus on creating the perfect soundscape for the film or project they’re working on, audio editors ensure that each sound element is carefully balanced and the final effect is authentic, realistic, and high-quality. They do this by removing unwanted sounds or portions of audio, enhancing or attenuating specific sound frequencies, and mixing and manipulating all the audio tracks together so that the soundscape sounds natural and cohesive on all devices. Audio editors manipulate sound so that the final project meets industry audio standards. Sound designers, by contrast, ensure that the audio used matches the project’s mood and atmosphere. They use sound libraries and more to create immersive sound experiences.

Audio editing specialization in the gaming industry

When working on audio editing projects for video games, we always think in terms of systems. We can start with music provided by clients, sound banks, or our own original music composed with a pre-established idea of the game system. Before we do the audio editing, we analyze the needs and requirements of the game to see what we can relate to in terms of feelings and specific moments in the game. Finding good mechanisms for using the source material and avoiding exact repetition of the same material is very important. Therefore, our audio editing service consists of analysis of the possible inlays of the game, creating a system and adapting the music to this system. Then it’s important to test in-game to see if the experience we’ve created produces the right emotions and is adaptable.

Why choose Pixel Audio for your audio editing need?

We are not solely an audio editing company, but this service is one of our many strong suit. Even with tight turnaround times, we always ensure the best audio quality. We have many years of experience in the audio editing field, which can be seen in our many major AAA projects that you can find in our portfolio. We are passionate about our work, and our final products are always of the highest quality. All of this experience makes us a specialist in the field and therefore makes us the smart choice for all of your outsourcing audio editing needs.


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