Composing ignites us. No challenge is too great when it comes to writing original music for any type of score or script. We cover a wide range of styles and atmospheres to bring your ideas to life, bring clarity where visions are muddy, and help direct those who are still searching.

The meaning of original music composition

The term “musical composition” is the process by which the composer think of new musical ideas to create a new work or piece of music that reflects one’s own music expression or a desired thought or feeling. Another way of calling it would be songwriting wich means the process of writing the lyrics of a song or the music for them. These may be limited to purely aesthetic ambitions or may be motivated by a desire to communicate more abstract feelings or concepts. Compositions may be for vocal music or to compose instrumental pieces such as classical music for a full orchestra as well as ambient music for a video game. Multiple music composer may be working on a single piece of music. There are many different types of music composers who create new original music for a wide range of uses, from listening or dancing to movies, video games, theater, advertising, and television. At its core, to create music compositions involves arranging and structuring sounds into a work of sonic art, which may or may not be designed to accompany visual images.

What is the process of creation in music composition?

Before we create music, we start with the artistic direction, which is the analysis of the project’s needs and the search for the right references and sounds to create a musical system that allows our compositions to adapt to the project needs and emotions. Then, we use the results of our research to compose a piece that express and represent the different emotions needed for the project in question. The right bass lines or chord progression, for instance, can make the differents in the quality and intensity of the emotions that the piece of music gives of. After all this preparation, we work with the best musicians in our recording studio to record real instrumental music that will capture the magic of the project. Finally, we create integrable outputs of the final product and put them into an audio middleware such as Wwise before delivering it to our client.

Original music composition specialization in the video game industry

While we can work on a bunch of different types of music production projects, we are specialised in the video game industry which mean we understand all the complexity and the need for adaptive quality in our musical composition. Our composition service uses our knowledge of the music system to create adaptive musical compositions that follow players through every step and emotion of the game. Our music compositions do not follow a predetermined timeline. They can follow any path a player can take to ensure continuity of the video game experience no matter what happens.

Why chose Pixel Audio for your original music composition needs?

We have the knowledge and the experience with everything that comes with an adaptive musical composition that most does’nt. It allow us to work effectivelly on project such as video games or other adaptive projects. Both for our music composition and sound design services, we record musical sound with the best artist and real instruments. Not using solely music bank makes our musical works just that much more special and unique. We are passionate about every original music composition project we work on and use all of our knowledge to bring them to life.


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