Hitman: Sniper

Inspired mostly from TV series and movie soundtracks, Pixel Audio put a lot of efforts in the development of Hitman: Sniper’s original soundtrack! Watch the team in action in this short making of in the studio while recording the main theme of the game! A written interview is also available at

Special thanks to:
Yukari Cousineau (Violins and violas)
David Laurendeau (Cerentola Studio)


Take on the role of silent killer Agent 47 in Hitman: Sniper – a fixed position shooting game set in beautiful Montenegro. Scope in on your marks using skill, subtlety, stealth, subterfuge and the environment to complete your contracts.

Unlock killer gun upgrades, compete against your friends and climb the leaderboards in this revisited FPS experience.

Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts, complete blueprints to unlock the most powerful rifles and become a top tier sharpshooter!

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BECOME THE ULTIMATE SILENT ASSASSIN: Step into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman: Sniper and discover the most compelling sniper experience on mobile.

TACTICAL MISSIONS IN MONTENEGRO: Hone your strategic skills and orchestrate the perfect assassination.

ACTION ZOMBIE CHALLENGE IN DEATH VALLEY: Prepare for non-stop action in a true test of your accuracy and speed of execution.

MORE THAN 150 MISSIONS AND 11 DIFFERENT CONTRACTS: Improve your strategy for the perfect assassination as you uncover secrets and subterfuges.

COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS TO DOMINATE THE LEADERBOARD: Boost your score and climb up the ranks to become the world’s finest silent assassin.

17 UNIQUE WEAPONS: Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprints to unlock the most powerful rifles.


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