Sisters: Dream & Variations

Part documentary, animated film and performance, Sisters: Dream & Variations is an inspiring
observation of the artistic approach and self discovery of Tyr and Jasa, two Montreal artists of Icelandic

*** We won the IRIS award for Best Original Music – Documentary film for this project! Thank you to everyone who helped us! 🎉🥂🎉 ***


Tyr and Jasa grew up in an artistic household where art was a way of life. Quirky and insightful sisters, Tyr is a musician and singer while Jasa is an interdisciplinary artist. Inspired by their great-grandmother’s
recordings of Icelandic folk songs, they have developed artistic practices that draw on their colourful imaginations and Icelandic roots. Their exploration leads them to journey to Iceland for the first time and collaborate on a project that brings together their artistic disciplines and cultural heritage.

In her debut feature film Sisters: Dream & Variations, Catherine Legault immerses us in an oneiric world made up of animation, performances and cinema vérité. More than a portrait, the film is an inspiring look at the artistic approach, its various forms and how it can simultaneously express and explore who we are.

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Film Crew

Written & Directed by: Catherine Legault
Producer: Isabelle Phaneuf-Cyr
Executive Producer: Catherine Legault
Cinematography: Catherine Legault
Sound: Catherine Legault and Eric Shaw
Editing: Catherine Legault
Animation: Jasa Baka, Frances Adair Mckenzie, Kara Blake and Calvin Brett
Online and Color Grading: Tony Manolikakis
Sound Editing: Kyle Stanfield
Original Music: Tyr Jami, Justin Guzzwell and Eric Shaw
Additional Music: Syngja and The Winks
Mixing: Olivier Germain
Post-Production: REV13 Films, PRIM and Pixel Audio


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