The Protagonist EX-1

In 2015, we were asked by Alex and Dao of 3Mind Games to work on an exiting new sci-fi project.

The game is The Protagonist: EX-1, a turn-based, tactical RPG which takes place in a brewing war between the planet Terra and an invading synthetic race. When a massive space station suddenly appears high in orbit, the world learns of the urgent threat posed by the invading aliens. Terran’s first contact with an alien species has gone disastrously wrong. Now, plunged into a war for their world, the people of Terra mount their defense against the weaponized invaders.

In light of such a setting, 3Mind Games wanted the music and sound design to be in the vein of movies like Oblivion, Elysium and Tron: Legacy. Keeping this in mind, we work toward achieving the perfect blend between those reference. Merging the orchestra, real synthesizers and plugin to create what is now an award-winning soundtrack.
Working on every aspect of the game’s audio, we integrated everything in Wwise and Unreal. From our thunder clapping explosion and heavily treated voice overs to our epic modern orchestral score, we created every audio system heard in the game. An accomplishment we are really proud of.

In 2021, the score won PC Game – Best Music Silver Winner at the NYX Game Awards and is available right now on your streaming platform of choice.


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