HOROS - VR Escape Game

The adventures that led us to work on this project include the SxSW Festival in Austin and First Aid training at the CNESST in Verdun, but we keep that for the legend!

It is said that in VR, audio is responsible for 50% of the quality of the immersion. We were able to help the team by creating all of the 3D ambisonics for the game, in addition to integrating it into Wwise making sure everything was well spatialized.

However, the majority of the support we have given to Phenomena team is regarding Voice Over Recording. With the help of a reliable partner who specializes in game localization, we took care of the translation of English-speaking texts into French. From there, we took care of the Casting to find bilingual actors, the ACTRA and UDA negotiation, the voice recording and the embedding and mixing in the machine.

In other words, entrust us with your texts in English or French and you will end up with voices in both languages, right in your build shortly after! Almost nothing to do!


HOROS is a multiplayer co-op escape game that involves interacting with real objects mapped in the 3D environment. The experiment was presented in Old Montreal (near the Science Museum) throughout the summer of 2019.

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