Zorro The Chronicles

Zorro is a video game developed by BKOM Studios. It is a 2D side-scrolling action game that is based in the early 20th century. In the game, players control the fictional masked hero Zorro as he fights against various enemies and bosses in order to save the people of a small Mexican village


The game’s plot revolves around Zorro’s efforts to save a small Mexican village from the clutches of an evil gang led by the notorious bandit, Captain Ramon. Along the way, players encounter a variety of allies, including Zorro’s love interest, Lolita, and his faithful steed, Tornado.

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Side-scrolling action gameplay: The game features classic 2D side-scrolling action gameplay, with players controlling Zorro as he fights against enemies and bosses using his sword and other special abilities.

Unique characters: The game features colorful characters with immersive voiceover that help bring the game’s world to life.

“Zorro Vision” mode: This feature allows players to activate a special mode that highlights hidden objects and enemies within the game’s levels, making it easier to find secret areas and defeat tough opponents.


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