Our adventures in sound over the past two decades have given us an arsenal of ideas and tech expertise with which to unleash whatever world, vision, or narrative you can dream up.

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want to hear, or need inspired professionals to create a custom sound, Pixel Audio supports audio production for video games, documentaries, short films and just about any other sound project on any platform.

The meaning of sound design

Sound design is the creation of original sounds or the manipulation of existing ones to achieve a desired effect. It is used in a variety of project types such as filmmaking, podcasts, video games, voice-overs, etc. The goal of a sound designer is to create a soundtrack that enhances the visuals and immerses the viewer in the world of the project. This can be achieved through anything from creating sound effects, also known as sfx, to creating foley sound or sound mixing. Without a well-designed soundtrack, the visuals would be less effective and the viewer’s experience would be significantly diminished. Star Wars is a good example of a well-known project full of sound design. It was used to create specific, unusual sound effects for the vehicles, characters, background noises, weapons such as lightsabers, and more.

What is the difference between sound design and sound editing?

Sound editors ensure that each sound element is carefully balanced and that the final effect is authentic, realistic, and high quality. They manipulate sounds so that the final project meets industry audio standards. On the other hand, sound designers focus on creating the perfect soundscape for the movie or project they’re working on. They make sure that the audio used matches the mood and atmosphere of the project. They use sound libraries or make their own to create immersive sound experiences.

What is a foley sound ?

Foley sounds are the reproduction of real life sounds created by a foley artist to add depth to their projects. An example of a foley sound would be the sound of footsteps, a zipper being unzipped, or even the sound of a cup of water being placed on a table. The foley artist creates these sounds by audio recording the imitation of the desired action.

Why choose Pixel Audio for your sound design needs?

We believe we have one of the best sound design teams capable of delivering truly creative sound design projects. Our sound designers have a strong understanding of how sound works, which makes them able to create the perfect soundscape for any sound project. Because of this, we are able to accomplish everything you need for any of your professional sound projects by creating a believable and immersive world for the viewers. One that draws them in and makes them feel part of the action.


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