We’ve developed a bit of a reputation for getting the best out of voice talent. Maybe it’s our incredibly comfy Montreal-based studio vibe, or our engineer’s French-Canadian charm? Whatever the reason, the consensus is clear: for voice recordings of any kind, from advertising to video game characters, our team will set the stage for every actor to deliver the best of themselves.

Can’t make it to Montreal? Too bad, but no worries – Pixel Audio works its magic with actors located in studios anywhere in the world, importing our unique vibe virtually, leading sessions that echo the comfort of our welcoming studio.

The meaning of voice over

Voice-over is a narrative device used in movies, television shows, podcasts, documentaries, commercials, Internet videos, and video games that involves the use of the voice of a character not in the shot, sequence, or scene. This character may be someone the viewer has already seen in the story, or a faceless narrator guiding them through key movie moments. As a driving, explanatory or corrective element, the voiceover is always an integral part of the action.

What comes with our voice over service ?

We offer one of the rare complete audio chains in Quebec that provide A to Z voice over service. In our VO service, we take care of the voice actors casting, studio recordings, audio cleaning, mixing, integration, production and payment. In other words, our casting director finds out exactly what our clients want and need and we find, direct and record the perfect voice-over artists, in our recording studio. We ensure that the voice talent chosen in the casting call represents the soul of the character in question and we finally give life to that character by mixing and integrating the track in the gaming gear.

Voice over specialization in the Gaming industry

For the gaming enthusiasts out there, Pixel Audio takes pride in its specialization in voice over work for video games broadening our team and talent to service AAA clients. Our clients include some of the biggest, most prolific gaming studios in the world and have relied on us for over a decade to deliver polished, professional soundtracks that surpass expectations and industry standards. Our professional voice actors bring characters to life, adding depth and authenticity to your gaming experience. We’ve worked on a variety of video game projects, from casting to voice-over narration, making us the go-to choice for game developers.

Types of voices

Our studio offers a diverse pool of professional voice over talent, including American, British and Spanish voices. We have the talent to meet your needs, whether you need French or English voices, male voices or female voices, or even a voice with a specific accent or heritage. Our professional recording equipment ensures high-quality audio files that can be used for a variety of purposes, including video games, podcasts, audio books, e-learning materials, social media and more.

Voice acting training

We offer multiple training class in french, in our recording studio, with Culture Montérégie and INIS, such as Classe de Maître en jeux vidéo (3.194), Doublage à la carte (3.195) and Création de personnages avec la voix (3.196). This voice-over training course is designed for any actor (student or UDA member) who wants to perfect their microphone skills, improve their own voice and interpretation and learn more about dubbing techniques. The aim is to open up new voice over jobs opportunities in the digital (video games), advertising or dubbing industries.

So, why choose Pixel Audio for your voice over needs ?

At Pixel Audio, we can do an incredibly wide range of voice over projects, including film, TV, podcast, ads, and we specialize in video games. We recognize the importance of having a captivating voice to enhance your project so, our casting director auditions the best voice artists from various backgrounds, offering a diverse range of voices to suit your needs. We also understand the importance of convenience in the modern world so, with our home studio option, you can now record voice overs without leaving the comfort of your space. Finally, in addition to offering a complete production chain, we have a reputation for maximizing the quality of production and interpretation as well as the delivery of each voice over project on time, even under the tightest of deadlines. We sweat the details, take and retake until every last note rings true.


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