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Ulric Corbeil Trudel

President / music composer

After ten years playing music in various bands and also working for those on an administrative level, Ulric has acquired a solid experience, giving him today the ability to give a direction and a long-term vision to the company. He is also a composer with great melodic talent. From hovering folk to aggressive electro, his music is always an encounter between the world of acoustic instruments and electronic sounds.


Eric Shaw

R&D / music composer

In 1998, Eric made his first movie soundtrack and it has never stopped since. After studying music at Collège Lionel-Groulx, he worked as a keyboardist in several local groups (L’Indice, Le Husky, Kevin Thompson, etc.) and has composed music for more than thirty productions ranging from theater, film, video games to advertising. He is currently pursuing studies at Université de Montréal and he’s particularly interested in technological advances in music and sound design.


Mathieu Beaudet

Operations / music composer

With twenty years of experience in music composition, Mathieu worked on a multitude of projects for films, TV shows, stage plays and video games. Specialist in orchestral and jazz music, he is also renowned for his skills as an arranger and musical director, and has been part of a lot of projects from  jazz barbershop quartets to experimental orchestral music. Using computers to create music since the mid 90’s, Mathieu always loved to ally technology and musical tradition.


Sean Gauthier Neilson

Marketing and business development

With over seven years experience in digital media and advertising, Sean tasks are related to sales / marketing and business development in Pixel Audio. Contracts, new opportunities and strategic partnerships are his responsibilities. His mission is to take care of specific tasks from the left part of the brain to free the creative mind of the team of composers.


"Pixel Audio always provided a high level of quality within our deadline and production constraints. Their creativity and professionalism shows in the quality of their work."

- Dominic Allaire, Producer, Square Enix Montréal

our projects

We are extremely pleased with the work of Pixel Audio. They are reliable, disciplined and talented. We can always count on them to do a great job and it's always a pleasure working with the team.

- Will Dubé, President & CEO, Thunder Lotus Games

our services

Specializing in video game, Pixel Audio offers a complete audio and music production service for all audio and video support. Depending on your needs and the project specifications, our expertise extends from composition or editing original music, to integration in your programming software.


This is the raison d’être of Pixel Audio. We will cover a wide range of style and atmospheres to satisfy those who have a clear idea, or direct those who are still searching.

Music Editing

We have a strong experience in editing original music. In addition, we offer delivery in modular form for any piece composed by our in-house composers.


We guarantee that our delivery complies with the technical specifications provided for your project, which means easy integration on all platforms. We also offer an integration service to ensure some peace of mind at the end of the project and the optimal use of your music.

Sound Design

Pixel Audio supports audio production for video games on all platforms.

Voice Over

For voice recordings of all kinds, from advertising to video games, our team will welcome you in a warm atmosphere to allow the actors to deliver the best of themselves. Pixel Audio also offers the opportunity to work with actors located in studios anywhere in the world and to lead sessions in the comfort of a Montreal based studio.

They delivered solid work on time and on budget and were a delight to work with. They are creative, proficient and continuously strive to deliver the highest quality work with energy and passion. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

- François Lafleur, Audio Director, EA Montreal

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